Spending on direct-to-consumer advertising has been climbing yearly since the FDA relaxed its guidelines in 1997.  inVentiv Health Research & Insights' ConsumerAnswers audit provides competitive benchmarking information for advertising expenditures across 14 types of media for all products, therapeutic classes, and companies.

Clients use ConsumerAnswers to

  • Uncover trends in advertising strategies, including media type, sources, and geographies
  • Learn more about the themes featured in competitors’ ads
  • Compare spending on brands across media, including magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, Internet, and outdoor advertisements
  • Track and analyze offers such as coupons in print advertisements

ConsumerAnswers clients also have access to our Ad Browser.  The Ad Browser provides color images of print ads for all companies and prescription products.  Expenditure data and the Ad Browser can be integrated with other promotional audit data and are available monthly through our online Answer Generator™.

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ConsumerAnswers was formerly the Direct-to-Consumer Advertising Audit (DTCA).